How to Deal with Conflict

One thing that I have noticed particularly over the last two weeks, is the amount of conflict, that’s coming up for people. There are highly emotional complex situations where people are triggered because of it. You can tell that when you’re triggered in that way that you’re not your highest and your best self and not thinking as cleanly as clearly and as pragmatic as what you normally would do.

And so I want to give you this little insight that I use with everyone, is that when you’re in a situation that’s frustrating or you feel is a matter of conflict between you and another person whether there are undesirable behaviors or they’re not delivering or whatever the case may be, what I’m going to do is:


Acknowledge that it’s frustrating for you,

and then start to be hard on the problem.

This is simply realizing that you don’t want to feel like this, and in actual fact it’s not about the person. There are so many contributing factors right now for everyone – Coronavirus, lockdown, breakdowns in communication. There are so many contributing factors and if we can just get away from blaming one another right now and just be pragmatic and open with it that there are so many contributing factors causing conflicts at the moment. From there, then have the discussion with the other person about being open with what the problem is, looking at the fact that there’s a whole load of contributing factors but if we can accept that we’ve got a problem here. then what can we do to improve it because that’s in the interest of both parties. Use that simple technique and it will really, really help you.

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