Leadership: How to Make An Impact!

Leadership is about creating a future where the problems of today don’t exists.

Creating leadership impact in both your professional and personal life is something that we all want, so how are we going to do it effectively? 

A key thing is to understand what leadership actually means, then doing a specific action consistently is what makes the difference.

Here are key points to consider:

  • Leadership Impact is about creating a future where the problems of today don’t exist. Management is just about solving the problem and that’s the key difference here. Leadership and management are very different from each other.
  • Leadership is about taking action. And it has to be a specific action that creates the future that you want. Don’t get hung up on big words because it’s even the smallest actions that make the biggest impact.
  • IMPACT – you need to ask yourself what is the gap between my intention and the impact I have on the individual. And sometimes it’s specific skill such as EQ, confidence, asking better question, etc that need to be improved on. Once identified, work on building those skills even by just using the tools you have in front of you (Google or YouTube are great sources!)

Here’s a short video on Leadership Impact:

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