Robin & Hannah: Tips to Increase Energy and Improve Productivity


We’ll be discussing the subject of managing your energy with Hannah, my wife, who is a nutritionist and energy coach, and does a lot of work in this space. A lot of the tools, tactics, tips that I use in managing my energy and also working with our clients comes from the work that Hannah does and we thought It would be great to share some of the top tips for yourselves as to what are some simple things that you can do to manage your energy better so that you wake up with the energy that you want, and you’re not getting to the end of the day feeling just absolutely exhausted.


I think it starts with, as soon as you wake up in the morning. It’s about that intention of today, I’m going to prioritize myself and my energy, and it’s having an awareness as soon as you wake up. Where do your thoughts go, do they go straight to the kids, does he go straight to work and go straight to something that’s going to take that energy away from you on to subject onto something else instead of keeping it on yourself. So the first thing that I would recommend you do in the morning is get a really clear intention for the day –

So today I’m going to really make sure I manage my energy well.

And then it’s about being aware of when you get pulled out of that and what pulls you out, and knowing that you have the tools to bring yourself back in. And the best way you can bring yourself back into your own energy is your breath. It doesn’t take 45 minutes of meditation, it can be one minute of pure intention breath, where you just breathe in and out of the nose and you follow the breath in and out of the body, you set yourself a timer, and you just allow yourself those pause breaks in between or before, especially transitioning. So say you’ve gone from one meeting to another, or you just dropped off in kids and then you have to be switched on for work, taking those pause breaks and just having a minute of pure intention of, “I’m going to breathe, and I’m gonna stop that monkey mind and I’m just gonna breathe into the body,” it’s really important, so they can be scattered through the day and you can remind yourself that little alerts on your phone and like bring breathe, you know, and you know as I know, like for instance Robin schedule is so jam packed, and he has to manage that by giving himself those pause breaks in between those meetings so the key is in an alignment.


Yes I even have those alerts so I schedule times but I have so many apps like a little alert so if I’m in a call or whatever, and I’m when it’s finished on, I look down on my phone and there’s a little notification –

Remember to come back to yourself.

So it’s just really nice because I’m in an office on my own a lot of time so I just have that little reminder to do that. I think like what you said about managing your energy – the big one is just being intentional. If you’re intentional with every single thing that you’re doing at every moment you actually are going to be managing your energy the best way. Also, what’s an example of some foods that can really, by just eating the wrong food that then drains your energy?


So anything that’s going to take a lot of digestion, anything is fatty, salty, heavy, dense food. The body is going to have to, let’s say, after you had a Christmas dinner, you go to sleep right? Your body, it takes a lot of energy to digest those kinds of foods. So if you’re in a jam packed day and you’re busy and you need to stay alert. You need to be thinking of high water content foods that are really easy to digest and there are simple to eat that you can chew well, and that you can consume in those small breaks that you have, so it might be that you need to eat little and often have really healthy easily digested food to keep your energy up as opposed to having a bigger, heavier, denser meal that you could have either during the day if you’re at home, or you can have sort of, you know, early evening, and then keep it nice and fresh and simple during the day, there are foods that are going to give you more energy than others, as well.


A morning ritual is so important as well. There are a lot of different morning routines, but if you just spend 10-15 minutes going, “Right what do I want from today?” That will set you up better throughout the day. Then also just that breathing which I do with my clients, I just tell them let’s stop one minute, just concentrate on your breath. Don’t do anything, kind of crazy meditation or whatever. The research shows that you reduce your stress levels by 30%, within one minute of just concentrating on breathing.


And to add to that, cortisol gets reduced by 40% under 10 minutes of breath. So even if you split that 10 minutes of breathing, and obviously we breathe all the time but I mean really intentional, breathing in and out of the nose, not through the mouth because that creates hyperventilation so through the nose, and you split that across the day, that’s going to reduce your cortisol which is your stress levels by 40%.


It’s these simple things done regularly that make the big impact. So from today, take one thing that you know brings more energy that charges you up and just implements it for seven days and then see how you go.

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