Many professionals and high performance executives pride themselves on their business or civil achievements, but in their hearts and lives something is missing or out of balance.

Our mission is to shift the fundamental core beliefs that influence your life experience including work, family, relationships, creative, health and other KBI’s – Key Balance Indicators.

Through our Change Process you are methodically lead through personal insights into an understanding of how imbalances occur, what keeps them stuck and how to transform them into successful, positive outcomes.


You receive techniques, tools and tactics that can be applied to any issue or challenge, on a personal, professional and collective scale. You will discover your ‘Inner Leader’ and step into a full commitment to your highest ambitions and service to others, now and over your lifetime.

Personal Change programs are custom-tailored to an individual’s needs, speed and station in life. However the principles and precepts inspiring your Cycles of Change are constant. Stages of the process unfold first as an inner awareness, then as your conscious intention and expressed as coherent action to bring about the change you desire.

Programs extend over 3, 6 or 12 months, available to individuals, teams & groups.