“When I work with someone we take a journey directly to the ‘heart of their matter’. Peeling back layers of limiting belief, you will glimpse your Brighter Self and engage your Inner Leader.


From this strength and clarity a Plan is designed to achieve the desired goal – personally, professionally as a team or company, followed by mindful action that brings exponential results”.

– Robin Miles

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Here at InspireMe:

Hi! I’m Robin Miles and welcome to InspireMe Consulting. As a trusted adviser & trainer to executive teams of some of the world’s most recognised brands, I’ve seen time and time again that a successful career can mean very little in the face of a life well lived.

At InspireMe consulting we help you live with joy and perform at your best by honouring your true self and living in alignment with what matters most to you.

By providing the space for you to see what’s truly stopping you from living your best life you will be able to make informed decisions about the real changes you need to make so you can wake up driven, inspired and alive.

This is a process that is easiest to understand in conversation so please make a time to speak with me to learn more about why the work we do together will change your life.

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Nature Connection Program

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InspireMe Nature Connect will blow your mind by introducing you to the magic of deep nature connection and bush survival skills.


The program takes you on an immersive journey which will transform your awareness of and connection to not only nature but to your very true sense of self, purpose, meaning and joy.


It is your chance to free yourself from the rush and chaos of your day-to-day existence and upholding the different roles you play in life at work and at home.

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Client Stories

Trevor BoydHelen DJenn TMark GordonJeanne MJulia WMark B
“Robin inspired and impassioned my group to become awesome leaders. The tailored program covered change management and strategic leadership at an executive level, helping each participant to raise the bar personally and collectively to achieve sensational results.”
Trevor Boyd
Engineering Executive
Hi Robin, I just had a very challenging conversation with an upset client. I could not have handled this without the skills and confidence I gained in our recent Inner Leadership course. Thank you!
Helen D
Thanks Robin for your guidance and knowledge on Leadership. It’s been a steep learning curve this year providing many opportunities to test your theories and exercises. The journey is revealing that I am the True Leader of myself and Creator of my Life.
Jenn T
Robin is a superb facilitator, leading workshops for executives and managers with many of our clients. His highly engaging and effective negotiation trainings can make an impact
Mark Gordon
Best Selling Author ‘The Point of the Deal: How to Negotiate When "Yes" Is Not Enough’
Hi Robin, thanks so much for your presentation today. Your words made a deep impression and are inspiring me to commit to a health & fitness program IMMEDIATELY.
Jeanne M
You are such an inspiration Robin! Your coaching has been massively helpful to help me focus on what I really want and what makes me happy. I’m changing my career direction and feel so excited about my path! Thanks so much and keep doing what you do so well!
Julia W
Robin, I just want to say thanks for your time, energy and understanding during our sessions together. I’ve made so much progress in a short space of time both internally and in my life. You have a real gift for showing people their potential as well as the limiting beliefs holding them back. It has been a truly inspiring experience, challenging but highly rewarding! I’m totally excited about my future and also more content with my ‘now’.
Mark B

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