High-Performance Coaching

The InspireMe Excelerate Program

An integrated program to increase your level of influence and impact to unlock complex career, work/life, and performance challenges to enable a work-life that has meaning and purpose whilst inspiring lifestyle balance to ignite long-term success.

Giving you the tools, strategies and skills to get the cut through you desire and reshape your work-life balance to define your path forward.

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Included in the Excelerate Program

Personalized Intake Forms: We have you complete an intake form and 2 diagnostic and behavioural assessments. These ensure we get to the heart of the matter, and include full individual reports and explanatory videos, for you to keep and refer back to.

Kick-off Strategy Session: 1-hour strategy session with Robin to get to the heart of the matter, discuss and proritise areas of focus, and define next steps to have a clear strategy.

Learning Portal & Resource Centre: Access to international best practice, skills, tools, tactics and frameworks including explanatory and training videos. These are go-at-your-own pace and Robin will help guide you on where to start.

1:1 Coaching Sessions: Discuss progress, document outcomes, and prioritise areas of focus and define next steps.

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Live Group Coaching: Monthly, Robin’s set of current clients get together to have live “Solve It Coaching Sessions”. In these sessions, you can meet and connect with other individuals (around the globe!) and receive individual advice and guidance on the key things that matter to you. Copies of the video recordings are then posted to the private Facebook & LinkedIn groups, which are only accessible by members.

Live Webinars: Monthly, the group also meets for “Impact Sessions”, 1.5-hour live webinar training, skill builder and application on key skills, tools, tactics and frameworks. These topics are set in advance and include handouts of training materials and a copy of the video recording.

Community: Connect with your fellow global high-performance community, that meets online 24/7 via our Private Linkedin Group.

Program Structure & Content

Determine what’s best for you

What are your needs? Where are you at, where do you wan to be? If you’d like to gain access to the program and would like to work in a linear fashion to achieve completion, then below outlines what’s covered. A typical time period of 3, 6 or 12 month each provide a good duration of time for outcomes to be achieved pending on individual circumstances. However, we notice two things:

  1. Change and challenges do not always happen in a linear fashion. That’s where Robin can help guide you as to which topics & videos pertain most to you to assist in whatever current challenge you face.
  2. Since the community aspect is so compelling, through monthly group sessions and access to the private social media groups, we notice clients tend to stay on for much longer….and we welcome that! Our longest client has been with the program for 2 years, and many have just hit their 1-year mark.
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Excelerate Program Outline

Week 1 – Onboarding: Gain Clarity of self through completing the “Diagnostics, Coaching Questionnaire & prework activities”.
Week 2 – Kick off Session: Achieve confidence with your own strategy and plan of attack and identify hidden obstacles holding you back through the “1:1 Kick-off session”.
Phase 1 – Unlock: Remove Hidden Obstacles through increased understanding with the trainings in the resource centre to break down complex issues into achievable actions to breakthrough.
Phase 2 – Enable: Develop a strategy on life, work and purpose” through the Life Prioritiser, Finding Purpose & Career Requirements tools and frameworks
Phase 3 – Inspire: Test your plan and gain insights on outcomes achieved and plan the next phase of priorities and development in a 1:1 coaching session.
Phase 4 (and on-going) – Ignite: Increase your Influence & Impact and Lifestyle Balance to help you achieve your goals.

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Pricing & Package Options

There is a range of options to suit your budget and needs. Here are the general breakdowns— reach out for pricing and to learn more!

Excelerate Program: Priced per month

Full Access to Learning Portal: access to training materials, videos, and downloads

1:1 Coaching: Every 2 weeks, 30 min sessions

Group sessions (Monthly):
Solve-It Sessions – First Monday (AUS), First Sunday (US)
Impact Sessions – Last Friday (AUS), First Thursday (US)

1:1 Coaching: Flat fee per 30 min


Can schedule as many sessions as needed

No access to resource center

Client Testimonials


The program is for people who feel de-energised, stuck and unclear what to do next or for leaders who want to increase their level of impact and influence to get the cut-through they desire. They are open to exploring a different approach, asking themselves difficult questions, committing to change, and connecting with similar individuals along the way.

We work with clients across all sorts of industries – from tech, to engineering, to emergency services, and anywhere in between. Generally speaking, individuals are in mid-to-later stages in their careers, and have some sense of the path they want to be on or are ready to make a life transition. These sessions are appropriate for both individual contributors as well as Managers, Executives, and C-levels.

If you go through the InspireMe Excelerate Program and implement everything I show you, take the action, engage and ask for help when you need it; you will be living a life that is true to your nature and personality; you will have more inner peace and have a well-balanced home and work life; and you will overcome all those hidden obstacles that have been blocking you from achieving true success.

Inspired professionals experience improved sleep, higher energy levels, improved productivity and decision-making, greater insight and self-awareness, deeper connection in relationships, and a rekindled openness to having fun and enjoying day-to-day pleasures.

We have clients we support globally, but for our group coaching and 1:1 calls, we generally support Australia/New Zealand, United States, Singapore, and the UK. Our monthly calls are arranged at times that overlap everyone in the group – generally speaking, mid-day in Australia is early evening for US West Coast time zones (the previous day).