As a globally recognised facilitator, negotiator and strategist, Robin combines business rigour, seasoned experience and intuitive awareness to support significant clients on the world stage. In commercial, political or sensitive negotiations, Robin employs core principles of Communication, Collaboration, Leadership and the conscious alignment of values and outcomes between parties to achieve the most equitable outcomes. 

Bringing people together for planning, collaboration or resolving issues is time-consuming and costly. Critical path thinking and expert facilitation align your team members with differing agendas or requirements into a coherent vision, intention and Plan of Action to achieve shared objectives.

Inner Leadership and Change Cycle Theory underpins all group interactions – empowering team members with streamlined communications and emotional support to establish a felt sense of ‘esprit de corps’ – the Spirit of One body moving forward.

Programs are structured to rapidly reach Team Alignment. Collective views, skills and experience are focused into a singular plan, then with laser-like focus actions are executed to achieve whatever goals, objectives and outcomes can be imagined.

Areas of Facilitation include:

  • Startup project or company
  • Planning & Strategy
  • Senior Corporate / Management
  • Risk/Cost Analysis
  • Dispute or Conflict
  • Technical, Legal & Financial
  • Government, Civil, Military, Corporate, Industrial, Commercial