The InspireMe Nature Connection Program will blow your mind by introducing you to the magic of deep nature connection and bush survival skills.




The program takes you on an immersive journey which will transform your awareness of and connection to not only nature but to your very true sense of self, purpose, meaning and joy.

It is your chance to free yourself from the rush and chaos of your day-to-day existence and upholding the different roles you play in life at work and at home.


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When you join the InspireMe community you experience a felt soul connection to the power of the earth and nature through the ancient skills of survival. This isn’t about learning survival skills for the sake of it. Rather it’s about learning what these skills can teach us out about ourselves and our lives back in everyday life.  



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One of the biggest surprises from previous participants is how deep and connected you can become to yourself, others and the earth in such a short period of time. 

Are you ready for an amazing weekend to detox from everything that triggers stress in your life and reset your nervous system?! 

Are you ready to gift yourself what you really need and be brave to put yourself outside of your comfort zone? If so I will walk this path with you and help you open your eyes to a way more that you ever expected! 



This program grants you the opportunity of a complete nervous system reset to regulate your clarity to return to life with a greater focus and purpose across every area of your life: 


1. Be able to go back home with a sense of calm and peace to your family and create harmony in the home environment you desire.

2. Have the band width to bring joy, play and fun to your relationship with your partner to rekindle the passion and magic.

3. Return with work with an elevated perspective, fresh ideas and approach to work challenges and opportunities armed with solutions that no one has thought about before, giving you the edge that you are noticed for!

4. Bring back a fresh leadership presence which allows you to create greater impact to be recognised for the leader you are and the contribution you make.

5. Have confidence in knowing who you are and what you stand for as a leader and having the personal resilience to back yourself in relation in to any resistance to become the agent of change in challenging times and be the light for others.

6. After leaving you will feel energised and naturally want to reach out to friends and spend quality time with them sharing your awesome stories of nature connection.

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Are you craving the rejuvenating power of the natural world? 

Are you ready for deep connection with a group of amazing humans all seeking connection, clarity, meaning, joy (I should also say that it is always a huge amount of fun) and a wild adventure?   

All of the skills you learn will keep you alive in the wilderness and radically enliven your relationship to nature. The program is packed full of direct experiences/skills, that you can take home to master which will enliven your future camping/nature ventures. The nature connection skills and activities include: 

  • Nature Connection Practices 
  • Bird Language & Nature Observation 
  • Silence Meditations 
  • Shelter Construction 
  • Hand Drill Primitive Fire 
  • Survival Awareness & Movement 
  • Animal Tracking  
  • Wild Harvested Bush Foods  
  • Basketry & String Making 

We honour and deeply respect the rich cultural history of Australia’s traditional custodians and are very fortunate to have local Yugambeh Elders join us to share stories about the local culture. 

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Here’s what a few past participants have to say about it:


“Nature Connection Weekend was the best investment of time I have made for myself in a long while, time I invested to recalibrate where I am in my life at this stage and how do I want to go conducting myself in the next 10 years or so and I walked away with an amazing sense of clarity about who am I and who/where I want to be. Highly recommended.”


“Feeling very inspired after the amazing weekend with Robin. I feel much closer to nature, myself and the ones I love. Robin holds space very well. I did activities I never thought I would, and enjoyed it immensely. Highly recommended”


“This was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I discovered a quietening of my mind and opening of my heart as I connected with nature. I found myself far more in touch with dynamics of birdsong, weather and plant life by the end of the course, and felt much more capable in a survival situation from the skills I learned. I have discovered a deep yearning to be in the bush as much as possible through doing this course. Thank you for the incredible experience.”


“Nature connection allowed me to get back to basics, connect with mother nature and refocus on what is truly important in my life.”


Program Investment 

COST: AUS $1,250 

(There are early bird prices and scholarships/financial support available)

Price for the Friday 10am – Sunday 2pm, program includes camping accommodation (BYO tent/camping gear), wholesome vegan gluten-free food, all program materials and expert tuition in a truly magical location in the Byron Bay Hinterland. 

DATES: Our July 2023 program has been completed. Stay notified of details by signing up for email updates!

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