Here is what I do when I get really, really STUCK — MOVE!!!

Because there really is no value in staying stuck and staying still.

What I always say is “To achieve anything, absolutely ANYTHING, all it takes is to take ONE STEP AT A TIME.

If you think about it and look at something like addiction or even bad habits that you want to break or get rid of – you take it day by day, step by step. And even if that step is just one at a time.

Which reminds me of a situation in the military where I was just stuck. Not even stuck but more like shell-shocked because there was so many things that were happening and my drill sergeant came up to me and asked why I was just staying put, I just said there were so many things that are happening and everything’s gone wrong, he just smacked me and said “WELL MOVE!”

Which is a good tip in life, don’t get stuck in your head. Your problems aren’t going away by doing nothing. Take one action. Take one step. It makes all the difference. 

Watch this video which really helps me get a sense of perspective and to be honest it should just be a daily practice:

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