When was the last time you negotiated with someone for the best outcome you could imagine?

The fact is we’re negotiating every single minute of every day with ourselves, but most of this is unconscious and limited to what we’re used to expecting.

Whether it’s to turn AC up or down, drink less coffee or workout more often, pitch a big contract or hire a key employee, we’re constantly assessing, measuring, debating and judging myriad options flooding in from internal and external sources.

Your Inner Critic, or once harnessed your Inner Guide always gravitates toward outcomes that reflect your beliefs, thoughts and feelings. Limiting expectations directly impacts performance.

Before meeting to influence or negotiate with others it’s critical that we become clear, positive and convinced that outcomes will reflect the best possible results.

Research indicates that only 7% of human communication is verbal. We also communicate through facial expressions, sounds, tones, body language, actions and the underlying INTENT that can be felt by your counterpart.

Like a tattoo on your forehead, your intention, position and plan can be perceived by a skilled negotiator or businessperson looking for their edge. If you want to be a better negotiator with others, listen carefully and understand your internal state.

For example if you’re conflicted about an outcome, have unrealistic expectations or doubt your ability to close the deal, if you nervously over-pitch or fail to understand your party’s central needs, these could directly and negatively impact the outcome.

It’s been empirically proven that ‘inner practices’ like meditation, visualisation, balanced breathing and aligned mind, emotions, words, actions and clear intent for the highest outcome will radically improve your negotiating skills and interactions with colleagues, customers, family & friends.

And when you deeply trust and act on Inner Guidance, the results will inspire you!