Mental Health Awareness: It’s all about Authenticity

Here’s a topic that is now very relevant this month with October being Mental Health Awareness Month.

This is an ever important topic as before the pandemic hit, 1 in 5 people experience mental health issues or breakdowns within a 12 month period.

Now, as you know, as a coach I like to talk about tools and strategies to overcome different challenges going on in our lives but it won’t be fair if I give one on Mental Health because we each all have our own unique stories.

And it’s important that whatever you’re going through right now, we have to accept that as a reality for ourselves. It’s possible that we’ve never experienced it at all in any part of our lives but suddenly, for whatever reason, we have thoughts and feelings that are new to us.

What’s helped me is being authentic with myself. Because by knowing my true self, I can get to the core of what’s important to me. That in itself is powerful, being in tune with who we are; being open to ourselves and others; sharing what we’re going through, will help you navigate whatever comes your way.

As I got older and gained experience, I was able to put things into perspective and what I realise is that through situations and through force is that we put layers of ego.

But it’s okay to let go of that pretending and really open up and realise who you are and what you stand for. 

Mental Health may always be there for me but knowing my own truth means that I am able to see my core values and it grounds me to only be focused on that and feel joy in times of adversity.

Remember, it’s okay not to be okay. And here is my Mental Health story:

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