stepping beyond limits
At age ten Robin achieved a remarkable triumph for his school football team, which had lost their coach and was about to be scrapped by the Principle. Robin convinced a teacher and a parent who had coached to endorse the team. He became captain, rallied his teammates, gained local sponsors and lead them to WIN both the soccer League and Cup championships!But soon after this Robin was diagnosed with a knee disease that ended his career in sports. Doctors told Robin that all he could do was walk, so walk he did. Robin immersed himself nature and traversed some of UK’s longest footpaths, climbed numerous mountains and never let his knee stop from pushing boundaries.Robin’s father was a huge influence in his life, trusting that Robin could handle himself in almost any situation. When his father allowed him to go camping for a weekend alone at age eleven, it left an indelible mark of empowerment. Robin had discovered the power of Trust.