Client Success: Getting Results

What are some of the standout results of what people say when they come out the other side – what are the key outcomes for them in their life?

Some of the ones, just even thinking about, give me a little tingle, to be honest, are the ones where I’ve seen people suffer for a really long time. And it’s been the moment of transition for them.

So for instance, I’m working with someone who was 55 years old, and had actually been dictated as a child about what profession he needed to go into. So it was like, okay, you’re either going to be a lawyer, or a doctor, or an engineer, you know, and was given those kinds of choices. But, you know, fundamentally, he wanted to go a different direction. So he’s off course right from the very get go.

But he doesn’t challenge that so he works in a career in an industry and lives a life like that up until that point at 55 and when I do these diagnostics, I go, “Wait a minute, what are you doing in this industry?” And then he said, “Well, yeah, I always thought that as well.” There’s a major gap here – What’s going on? What’s the reality and then I say theoretically, someone there would be suffering from mental health and those types of things. And then then it kind of comes out. He’s actually been suffering from major depression for the majority of his life, and he’s been on medication for it as well. And to have someone like that and work with them to actually get them to bring their career back on.

People say, what’s the ideal time to do a course correction? My answer is NOW. Wherever you are, do it now, do it today. There’s no time like the present to do something. And he did it, he course-corrected. And he’s living more the life that he actually wants. Now, he’s made fundamentally different choices. And I’ve seen someone who was in sales, then did a course correction. I think they were in their late 30s or early 40s, then studied to be a nurse. These are fundamental major shifts in people, but it’s not necessarily all those major shifts, it’s actually just about the accomplishment of the outcome that you want.

What is it you want to achieve? Let’s go on a journey and achieve that.

Yes, sometimes there’s a little bit of convincing with people. I had someone who had been redundant for over a year and had been struggling to get a job. I asked, has it been working for you? And he says “No, but I’ve tried this, and I’ve tried that and I’ve tried absolutely everything.”

So why is it going to be different with you?

And I said, “Well, all I know, is what I do, and you haven’t tried that. And I’m pretty confident that we will get it because everyone that I’ve worked with has actually achieved the outcome that they want.” What was that hidden obstacle, we broke that hidden obstacle, and to get that phone call that he’s got that job, that’s just awesome!

A lot of the time it is about the outcome. But it’s the subtle change in the person’s mindset. Because they’re actually just slower. They’re actually more purposeful. Actually it’s not just about the goal, but it’s about how they go about it, and the balance that they achieve, that they’re just happier. And achieving those goals is what’s awesome.

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