How to Get Out of Stress in 4 Easy Steps

Today I just want to express what I am seeing because there’s so much media and press and everyone has been giving their thoughts and feelings about things.

I really feel a sense of sadness in a lot of ways for humanity right now and I know that sounds really big picture and “airy fairy” in some ways but there’s a real technical overlay to it that we need to accept the reality that it’s happening for us. And if we try to avoid some of these emotions, then all that happens is that we get undigested emotions inside of us that rocks from the inside out, then comes out with regards to maybe acting and behaving not in the best way to our loved ones or going into conflict at work and all these sorts of things.

What we need to do is we need to STOP:

S – Stop
T – Take a breath
O – Observe what’s going on
P – Proceed mindfully

If you do this it will be really really helpful for you in everything that happens because the pressures on us, with regards to change and dealing with the evolving situations in our work life, and our home life. The implications for our loved ones and everything is so huge right now, and I don’t want you to underestimate that.

Just to give you this basic model. For instance, there is a model of personal resilience, which is four legs of a table. Working with youth, when we try to build them up we focus on these four legs. And when we think about these four legs, a lot of them are compromised for us.

4 Legs of Personal Resilience:

1 – Sense of security. For kids who have been in our homes and all this kind of stuff we need to give them a sense of security, our own personal resilience is shot now with regards to we don’t know what restriction is going to be tomorrow, the next day and changes that are going to occur.

2- Social connectedness. Our social connection to our loved ones and colleagues and everything else like that because when we not are socially connected we lose that sense of connection and conflict increases and that’s what we’re seeing because we are social beings.

3 – Health. Our health is deteriorating with regards to the pressures of work and maybe you can’t exercise now or do your normal routines and healthy habits. So unhealthy habits creep in and it might be you are not sleeping as well and everything else like that. So our health is being impacted.

4 – Sense of Self. How effective is a table with one leg, and that one leg that’s left of the table of resilience is that sense of self, and I’m talking to people on a daily basis who say, “I am just really in turmoil right now and I don’t even know what date it is, where I am, or what I’m doing. They’re losing that connection to that sense of self and when you lose that connection to that sense of self, it is not good.

I just want people to acknowledge that we’re all under pressure right now. And if we all just stop and assess our situation for what it is and actually embrace the emotions that we’re really feeling, observe what’s going on for us, and proceed more mindfully and collaboratively and if we’re more open then we’re going to make better decisions for ourselves.

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