Leveraging a Community for Professional Growth (Client Case Study)

Meet one of my clients, Dave who is a Business Owner and Manager who has found a lot of success through the different courses and management programs he has gone through over the years. But he was looking to make a more “holistic” change, wanting to be a good leader and a greater family man. He discovered the InspireMe Group Coaching sessions which enabled him to be part of and contribute to a community of like-minded individuals, professionals and leaders from different stages in their careers and gained new perspectives and opinions on how to grow as a leader and as a person.

When we first started, Dave was doing business coaching and management courses while his own business was doing well. Along the way, he decided that he needed to shift his mindset and instead of just focusing on the business, he required coaching on self because business success all boils down to leadership. This is how we ended up working together to focus on all the areas of his life through 1-on-1 coaching and group session coaching.

After our first few months working together, he saw the improvements in both his professional and personal life such as:

  1. Positive changes in the business – “Leadership creates leaders!”
  2. Maximising all opportunities
  3. Feeling happier and more relaxed

And he attributes those successes to these key steps:

  • Getting your mind into paper – writing it down puts everything into perspective
  • Utilising all the InspireMe Resources – courses and worksheets
  • Actively attending the Group Sessions

The group sessions were particularly important to him as they were open forum sessions where he was able to assess how he really is in a particular day or period and gain new perspectives. And in these sessions were “breakout rooms” which enabled him to put learnings into practice.

He learned the value of matching different personalities within that group and also was able to relate to the people that are like him. To conclude,  he states that group sessions are representative of the workforce in the way that the participants are in different age groups with different personalities and different stages in their careers but all working together to become better leaders and persons.

If this is something that interests you, let’s have a chat and see where you are in life and what your challenges and goals are!

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