How to Manage Your Energy

What is the one thing that we control in this crazy world that can fundamentally help EVERY area in our life? It’s Managing Your Energy.

If you really think about it, the more you are mindful of your own energy, the more you can show up as the real you in your work, with your family and friends. The net outcome is being efficient and effective because you spread your energy to the things that are important to you and not wasting it on the things that don’t give you joy.

Manage your Energy NOT your Time.

Project managers may have heard of this but it’s applicable to every single one of us. It’s because we generate energy towards the things that motivate and drive us.

There are 4 types of energy: Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spirit. Different triggers affect each type in various ways and levels.

What I’ve done to make it simpler is I have created a template for us to identify which triggers adversely affect us so that we can make the proper adjustments to be at our best and optimal self!

Click the video below where you could get started and then download the template to start Managing Your Energy!

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