How to solve overwhelming problems

Here’s a key insight – when we are working through everything in our lives personally and professionally, it’s not about solving all the problems so that we live this world, or having this expectation that we can live a life with no problems. All that we do is actually create better problems for ourselves.

I spoke with a client of mine who is going through the following – He’s a single parent who recently started his own business and who also studies full time so his major issue is finding balance. Balancing finances, cash flow and time management. But even with these challenges, he is doing something purposeful that he enjoys doing that takes a lot of energy and effort. With all the different problems that come up with these, he prefers being in this situation rather than where he was 12 months ago.

A year ago, he was in an industry that he was stuck in for more than 8 years and hated it so absolutely prefers the problems that he has now. And because they are better problems, he can improve on them.

Similar challenges but happier ones.

We all need to remember that if you are on the path of living your purpose and actually creating the balance that you want. So it’s far better to be on that journey than being mindlessly stuck and living a life that is not ideal for you.

Set yourself a realistic expectation that it’s not about solving all your problems in one go but it is about going on a journey that is more purposeful, that has more balance with the future that you want and embracing having better problems.

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