How to Connect with Your True Self

I’ve been back out in nature again for the last four days, and just wanted to share a few insights with regards to my learnings from that.

And I think first and foremost is how powerful it is just getting out into nature and just spending time with self. You’ll be amazed at the number of people that feel drawn to that. Some people when they feel in trouble, they don’t know where to start. And what I’d really encourage people to do is just make that start and do something, even if it’s a day walk or anything else like that, get out into nature because there is nothing like experiencing it.

Ultimately, we learn through experience we learn through doing things and there’s got to be this felt sense, which is not about reading a book or watching Netflix. It’s really immersing yourself in it.

So the key learning for me is just how powerful but simple that actually is and how people just need that prompted to do it. So if you’re reading this, then do it. I’ve seen with a number of people with so many insights, learnings, and triggers that have kind of come up for them but just being in nature enables them to go back into their normal lives, renewed and recharged. It enabled them to release things such as fears that they were holding on to or for me personally, one insight is about showing up even more authentically than I’ve ever shown up before to really connect with people, to help them because there are so many people who need that. Second for me is kind of just knowing where my edges are, what are the parts of my life that I say “that’s tricky?”.

So get into nature and get into your true self today.

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