Take Time for Yourself

Top tip for personal success:

This has been a ritual that I’ve been doing going way back and it’s just served me so well. From when I used to go to school, I always used to walk the alternative way back. I’m surrounded by nature and when I was in school, that’s exactly what I used to do. I used to walk through this park on the way back home from school. And I always used to find that it was a time where I could reflect.

And this week, it’s been a massive week for us. We’ve been working and creating really hard this week, developing new ways that we can help people transform their lives. And it’s really easy to get caught up on that, but you’ve got to reach out, you’ve got to look after yourself. And if this is what you love doing, then that’s what you’ve got to do.

You’ve got to carve out time in the day and create the daily ritual around it, so that you can re-energize yourself, so you can bring your highest and best self to everything that you love doing so you can be better in your family, you can be a better husband or a better wife, you’d be more creative in your business.

You get the clarity of thought about the most important things that you need to be doing to have the biggest impact in this world.

And like I say, I’ve been doing this all my life and right now I’m talking to you from the hinterland of Byron Bay.

If this is what you do and it’s important to you, then you do what you can for the things that are important for you in any way, shape or form that works for you so that you can get energized and refocused and get out there and do it. So that’s my top tip for personal success for today.

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