Maximize your work environment to energize your mindset

How to maximize your professional environment to create an energized mindset for optimal productivity. Just wanted to talk today about environment and the environments we put ourselves in. Both, I suppose, at home and at work.

Do you have the environment around you that is actually conducive to you operating to your highest performance? And I know that sounds silly, but sometimes it’s just a matter of making some subtle changes in your environment to make it work better for you. Actually honor what your preferences are in the way in which it works for you. Change things around and you’ll actually find that your more productive.

So I thought I’d show you my lifestyle and a lot of my videos, obviously, there’s lots of green in the background and you’ll see why. Because this is our home here. I’m just walking out of the kitchen now with my smoothie to start work. You might see me, sometimes I work from the deck here overlooking our beautiful garden and Byron that we have here. Even sometimes I do calls form the hammock, believe it or not. And if I just go next door. I’m just going to walk through to my kind of office area. That you’ll it’s a bit multi-functional. And as you can see, obviously, just green, green, green. It’s one of the upsides of living in Byron and working.

This is my work environment here. It’s an extra room that we have. You can see there the table tennis that I play with the children when they come back from school. I have a little exercise crossfit trainer that I use sometimes. I spoke about that in my other video about my morning kind of ritual. And I’ve got an office set up here. And this desk thing is absolutely fantastic. There’s an extra bit of wood down there. And this, it’s made by a local person here. So this is a sitting desk, but I just put the extra bit of wood in and it can be a standing desk for myself. I have my, and again, I spoke about this, my fitness stuff there to do stretches throughout the day. I’ve got a ball there that I can sit on and bounce on.

When I’m going to be more creative, I have my flip chart there to do some brainstorming and those types of things. And then I’ve got another little deck area out here. And sometimes if I’m just doing calls with clients, it’s great to just be out here on this little deck here and taking calls and doing a bit of work and everything else like that.

I know that we’re pretty lucky with where we get to be, but simple things, like I’ve had clients who just got flip charts and whiteboards, those types of things, because they like to brainstorm and do that type of stuff. Or even just honoring yourself if you’re more introverted. Actually, just booking a meeting room and spending two hours where you can really crunch through work. Just make sure that your work environment is conducive to your preferences. So make some changes today.

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