Having a Sense of Humility to Seek Help

I’ve watched people go through this process of self discovery and seeking out joy and meaning in their lives, but here is an example where this didn’t happen, where  had those consequences, in their health or with their job and being made redundant, etc.

There’s a perfect example of a lady that I was working with and, and a very senior person she was absolutely stuck in a rut, like something is about to break. And in her situation, it was a matter of, you know, her health and wellbeing was non-existent. She wasn’t doing anything to bring joy into her life at all.

And with regards to work, it was so tense and stressful that it was just this assumed toxic kind of environment that relationships, they were kind of going from one extreme to the other. She was also the breadwinner in the family so the pressure on her was really impacting her relationship with them.

It was just like, “Oh my God, I’m not being the mother that I actually really want to be as well!” So for her, it was a matter of what do I actually need to do right now? And for that person, what was amazing was to go through that shift so that she actually has changed jobs now, and her life is just so fundamentally different. She enjoys work. She’s paid well for doing what she does.

Her home life is more balanced and just bought everything back on course, by just simply stopping and looking at herself. 

And for others going through that situation, you need to ask, “What do I need to do to come back to myself?” You need to do the analysis of what’s actually the root cause going on here and we need to deal with some of the surface stuff, but we need to deal with some of the other bits and pieces as well. And we need to take some actions like in The Cycle of Change. We need to take some actions to identify, is it that, or is it something else, um, to then really get to the root cause of like what’s really needed right now.

For this lady, she did the work. She had that sense of humility that she needed some help as the first ever time that she’s ever sought professional coaching and working through those stages, going on that journey.

What was amazing was it was about a three-month period that then she knew that she needed to resign from that job. And she knew where her career direction was, what was important to her, what was actually going to be better. And then actually to go into a new role on requirements of a career, which he was actually passionate about. So it’s amazing what you can do. And, and that’s where she realised that she can’t believe that the steps that we actually took were so simple, but for whatever reason she wasn’t doing them on her own.

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