Are Group Sessions Effective?

What is a group coaching session? Do we form a circle and introduce ourselves then talk about what we are going through?

As you know, InspireMe Consulting is about coaching support and people approach me to get individual support to get the outcomes they desire and to have more balance in their work and life.

But a lot of people may not know that Group Coaching is the essence of InspireMe. Building a network, or a community of people who after going through a journey with me, inspires others to achieve success and joy is what I am all about.

So to answer the question above, no and yes! We form a circle but an online one, we introduce ourselves only when there’s a new person but after a session, there’s a natural sense of familiarity that emanates after each discussion. We are from all different backgrounds, demographics but we all share similar experiences.

It’s not just about getting through current challenges but having reassurance that others are going through them as well, and it’s a big celebration when we partake in anyone’s successes. We all help each other out 3 times a week and we get things done – get you centred and achieve success and create joy on your own terms.

Here’s Cheryl who has been with a journey with me for more than a year and how she has found calm amidst the chaos of everyday life:

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