Sooner or later it dawns on us that we are each fully responsible for our journey through life.. that is, we are ABLE to RESPOND in almost any situation with clarity, creativity, courage and conviction.

It requires both Leadership and Management in daily life to keep the important things moving forward while effectively dealing with unavoidable demands, challenges and obstacles.

But what is the difference between Leadership and Management, and why does it even matter?

The way I see it, Management is about solving the next problem while Leadership is creating a future where many problems are avoided or pre-solved.

Management is reactive, Leadership pro-active. Leadership empowers us as a creator to set goals, make plans, take actions and leverage results.

Leadership harnesses Inner Knowing and sense of Purpose to envision and create the best journey, creating a potential future where problems are avoided or engineered out of the Plan.

Management works hard to carve out time, focus, energy and resources to ‘stay on track’ with goals, objectives, people and outcomes, rarely stepping back to consider the ‘bigger picture’.

So before you dive back into your day consider this:

Are you living as a Leader or a Manager? Are you setting goals and making plans aligned with your highest ambitions, or busy putting out fires at work, at home or in personal relations?

Can you imagine having the skills, knowledge, time, tools and trusted support to experience your Inner Leader and engage it consciously for more effective outer management?

If you’re willing to embody your Inner Leader, your ‘Outer Manager’ will be ecstatic to have a ‘higher authority’ provide systems and structure so each decision returns the best outcome.