Your Inner Critic, Your Inner Guide

Most of us are deeply conditioned by family, school, work, media, society and a profound disconnect from nature to be SELF JUDGEMENTAL, to never feel good enough regardless of our accomplishments. Ever noticed this tendency in yourself?

Even if we’re successful at work or some endeavour, the Inner Critic is always ready to eclipse our ‘Higher Knowing’, thus reducing our confidence and performance. In order to break the spell of self-judgement to actually EXPERIENCE who you really are and what you’re capable of, try the following:

1. Find a place where you won’t be disturbed for 15 minutes. Sit comfortably with eyes closed, breathing rhythmically.. and follow these steps:

2. Listen for your Inner Critic
Literally ‘tune in’ to catch any and all thoughts of negativity, limitation, self-doubt or criticism, guilt, judgement, physical discomfort or mental stress. Trust me, it’s all in there.. When you consciously focus attention through a simple, gentle command (and practice) to “observe my Inner Critic” in a constant stream of thoughts – about 70,000 per day according to neuroscience – you may be shocked to hear a constant and repetitive voice blathering in your head. Congratulations, you’ve just met your Inner Critic.

3. Accept and Respect
Your Inner Critic is doing it’s job, albeit outdated. In past millennia our inner voice was instinctual, primal, focused on danger and survival, and could be fatal not to be guided by fear and preservation. In most present day situations, this is no longer the challenge. But rather than fight this instinct, we can consciously engage and HARNESS it. By listening for and accepting whatever names, blames, limited ideas and negative beliefs are circulating in our brain matter, we become CONSCIOUS of it, not subject to it. We SEE the pattern instead of BEING the pattern.

4. Learning from your Inner Critic
Now that you have the attention of your Inner Critic, make an earnest enquiry into what it’s trying to tell you, teach you, reveal to ASSIST your journey and opportunities. Your inner critic’s entire purpose is to BE USEFUL, but not necessarily the ‘bad guy’ in your story!
Befriending your Inner Critic will reveal its genius to guide you in many areas of life, ‘upleveled’ from survival instinct to a more relevant function – to provide you with OPTIONS & SOLUTIONS to otherwise limited or self-limiting behaviours!

5. Thank your Inner Critic or more accurately your Inner Guide for collaborating in your positive change and development. Invite it back into your awareness any time using this meditation or during mindful moments of your day.

6. Keep a Journal of insights and understandings you gain from this interaction, with a REFRAME of each and every negative limiting idea WRITTEN DOWN. So for example if you hear the inner comment of “I’m not good enough for that promotion” or “what if I don’t get the sale?” etc, then consciously and specifically write down what you feel is the highest outcome.. for yourself and all other(s) involved. This will begin to empower new thought habits from the inside out.

7. Take Action based on the knowledge and wisdom you’re now receiving from your Inner Guide.
As you master the process of transforming negative and limited thoughts into empowered andpositive intentions, you will notice yourself responding differently in almost every situation, and those around you reflecting your inner state.

You Inner Guide is there waiting.. ready to assist you to reach your greatest goals and aspirations!