Want to make a change in 2022? (Limited time offer)

Let’s say goodbye to 2021 and here’s to bringing in an amazing 2022!

I hope you took some well-earned time off over the festive season as I’m sure like most people it was needed after the craziness of the last couple of years.

Last year I spent a lot of time supporting and helping leaders go to the next level of performance and achieve their goals even with everything that was going on. These achievements were varied and included: promotions, transitioning jobs and sectors, achieving better work life balance, getting unstuck and recovering from burn out, reclaiming purpose/meaning/joy in work life and then consequentially this benefit cascading into improvements in their home and relationship life too.

Now coming into 2022 I have upgraded my program to help you unlock any complex career, work/life, and performance challenges to enable a work-life that has meaning and purpose whilst increasing your influence & impact and inspiring lifestyle balance to ignite long term success.

What you get

Individual: “Personality diagnostic and behavioural assessments”. These ensure we get to the heart of the matter (Inc. 2 full individual reports and explanatory videos).

1:1 Kick-off Strategy Session: 1-hour strategy session to get to the heart of the matter, test/prioritise areas of focus and define next steps to have a clear strategy.

Twice Weekly: “Solve It Coaching Sessions”. Live group coaching to get individual advice and guidance on the key things that matter to you.

Weekly: “Impact Sessions”. 1.5-hour live webinar training, skill builder and application on key skills, tools, tactics and frameworks.

Community: Connect” A high performance community, like you that meets online 24/7 via our Private Linkedin Group.

Access:Resource Centre”. Access to international best practice, skills, tools, tactics and frameworks including explanatory and training videos.

Coaching: “1:1 Sessions” 30min coaching sessions every 4 weeks to document outcomes, test/prioritise areas of focus and define next steps.

Week 1: Gain Clarity of self through completing the “Diagnostics, Coaching Questionnaire & prework activities”.

Week 2: Achieve confidence with your own strategy and plan of attack and identify hidden obstacles holding you back through the “1:1 Kick-off session”.

Week 3: Remove Hidden Obstacles through increased understanding with the trainings in the resource centre to break down complex issues into achievable actions to breakthrough.

Week 4: Develop a strategy on life, work and purpose” through the Life Prioritiser, Finding Purpose & Career Requirements tools and frameworks

Week 5: Test your plan and gain insights on outcomes achieved and plan the next phase of priorities and development in a 1:1 coaching session.

Week 6 and on-going: Increase your Influence & Impact and Life Style Balance to help you achieve your goals.  3, 6 or 12 month periods each provide a good duration of time for outcomes to be achieved pending on individual circumstances.

Program Investment

InspireMe Excelerate Program: $200/week

Upgrade to Premium 1:1 Coaching, 30min Sessions every week: $325/week

(Professional Development maybe used as a tax deduction, cancel anytime with no notice period)

Until January 31st 2022, all new clients will receive a greatly discounted rate of 25% off for the first 5 weeks.

Ready to get started? or have questions, register your interest here and I’ll give you a call: