How to start the year right!

HAPPY 2022!!!

Hope you had a great holiday and now ready to get back into things.

Now I want to change it up a little bit. Instead of resolutions, why don’t we try to keep things easy and realistic.

So the first thing I recommend is to STOP and ACCEPT the reality you had in 2021.

Having a holiday break was great but they don’t just magically cure you.

Next, I want you to put your head into paper and focus on one quarter at a time – What do I want to achieve at the end of March?

E.g. I want to transition into a new role

And so the process will look like: you need to be having your final interviews in March and preliminary interviews in February. This means that in January, What are the activities you need to focus on to make this a reality?

Now apply this approach to the four main categories of life: Work, Home, Self and Health.

Once you’ve done this, it becomes less overwhelming which is how we want to start the year – fresh and energised! Now that’s starting 2022 with a real bang!

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