Mental Health: How are you really doing?

First of all, I am full of gratitude for last week’s video. I received an overwhelming amount of messages of support and encouragement so thank you to all who reached out and thank you all to those who watched it! 🙏

That was definitely not my intention but it’s refreshing to see the positive impact the message had on different people in this InspireMe Community.

My reflection 1 week later is that even though you are taking care of yourself and doing all you need to be successful and joyful, the fatigue of everything can catch up to you.

With this year going to be a turbulent and fatiguing one, we have to be laser-focused on our intention. Of the people who reached out, a third of them came back saying that what I narrated was EXACTLY what they were going through.

Then a lot of people who I worked with over the past couple of months have just been struggling and continuing to just work through it all. My hope is that by doing these videos, I can encourage you to STOP, EVALUATE and REFLECT on “How are you REALLY doing?”

MY hope is that you can take stock of every aspect of your life – Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual (your Sense of Self) and ask:

  • Am I showing up as the best version of myself?
  • Am I being efficient and effective?
  • Am I waking up every morning with meaning and joy and purpose?
  • Am I being the best partner, husband or wife or parent and being supportive of the people around me?

I invite you take hold of this opportunity right now, as in this very moment to pause and reflect:

  • How am I going?
  • Where am I?
  • Where do I really want to be?
  • What’s in alignment with myself?
  • What do I need to do right now to bring everything back to balance?

Maybe it’s just doing simple things, like putting on that old sporting gear and playing that sport you used to love even for just a few minutes. Or even just looking at that mini project you were working on but never really got around to finishing.

But if you really need support, I absolutely ENCOURAGE you to reach out to absolutely anyone. Just externalise and verbalise everything you are going through and even though you’ve only seen my emails and videos, I am more than happy to be that person to listen and support you with anything that you are struggling with.

Make sure that you check out my previous post which details my mental health struggle:

I struggle with mental health… do you?


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