Quick Reflection: Connect to Nature, Connect to Self


In a positive way, that is. I feel overwhelmed and I feel so blessed and I feel so refreshed.

Here’s a reflection and a good way to end June 🙂

As you know, we held the 2nd Nature Connection Weekend last Friday to Sunday and I still have a hangover from the entire experience. And I think I can speak for everyone when I say, our lives have changed and our mindsets have shifted completely.

It’s amazing how 3 days being out in the mountains and the woods could change weeks, months and even years of excess baggage and unnecessary stress.

I have so many reflections which I will share more of in the coming days but here is a quick takeaway of my experience during the Nature Connection Weekend:

And as a bonus, here is a video montage of the activities we did during the weekend:

If any one of you can relate, and even though you weren’t there but can feel the essence of the program, I would love to have a chat or just hear your thoughts about everything that’s going on for you. Just send an email at robin@inspiremeconsulting.com.au or send me a text – +61 409538690

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