Are you grateful?

Did you wake up today with joy in your heart and gratitude in your lips?

Do you appreciate that right now you are able to read this message?

And that’s not a provocation! I just wanted to share that, personally, I am extremely grateful for all that we take for granted.

I live in the mountains and hills and it’s not backwater territory because we do have mobile reception and electricity but that was suddenly taken away from us a couple of months ago!

Admittedly, it’s made life a lot more challenging but we’ve managed (like the resilient human beings that we all are). But then as I was taking a break from work and just walking, I realised that there is now reception! So I’m in my element, among the mountains, trees and lakes and I am so energised that I start to do my work while being one with nature. And it’s the most amazing feeling!

It’s a very small thing but I had a deep sense of gratitude about it and it’s moments like these where I remind myself never to take anything for granted.

What about you? What do you want to be grateful for today? 🙂

Let’s get this Gratefulness Cycle going!

It’s June and it’s Men’s Mental Health Month! Do check out my previous post where I discuss suppressed emotions/trauma:

June is Men’s Mental Health Month


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