Sustainable Balance (Life Update!)

How is everything going??

That’s usually how I start my emails with my clients. Because I am generally curious about what’s happening with everyone.

Last week I talked about the house move and my reflections with all the different challenges and gratitude that comes along with it, so consider this Part 2 of my life reflections on the major changes that have been happening for myself and our family.

One key difference I’ve made this year is changing the small things which will drastically improve my life. It’s about simplifying things. For example, this house is so new and so different from the one we stayed in and it’s so much easier and has all the conveniences any family would desire. It’s smaller, yes but it’s perfect for our needs.

It’s all about having Sustainable Balance. I feel more efficient working from here rather than our previous setup. And I get to do so many things such as focus on my health and my family. In fact, I’ve dropped 2 kilos since moving here!

There are so many small tweaks that have happened but I’m amazed at how massively helpful they have been. It was a stressful move but it’s done so much to reduce our stress going forward:

So how about you? Do you feel like you’re stuck in an “old home”? What are some changes you think you could do to achieve that sustainable balance?