Life changes (Reflections of our House Move)

WHAT A YEAR! So let me run it down for a bit, we’ve had the Omicron wave, we’re dealing with political conflicts here and there, in February we’ve had major floods that have massively impacted lives, we’ve had to change schools for our kids and now we’ve just moved homes! HOORAY!

And that’s just what I’m going through, I am certain that there are so many others going through much more turbulence and challenges and major shifts in their lives. So it’s mind-blowing to realise just how resilient people are and how they are able to navigate through all the murkiness of any given situation.

For our family, this house is such a major change for us. In a lot of ways, we’re moving out of nature and moving closer to where our kids will have a better environment for them to grow up in. We’re definitely going to miss being surrounded by mother nature though but at least we’re not far away from a nearby forest and hills where we’re moving.

But it’s been stressful to say the least. There were weeks of agony up until the week of the move itself trying to sort out everything. But we’re here and that’s what’s important!

So I would like to share my reflections and the realisations from all the mini chaos that we went through which applies to everyday life as well:

  1. When there is a major change in your life, ACCEPT the enormity of it.
  2. Being in the new situation, APPRECIATE the transformation you are going through.
  3. What are the SMALL changes that you could do to dramatically change your life?

Here is a sneak peek of our new home and here I talk more about these reflections and how they could benefit you:

Have you been through a major change recently? I would absolutely love to hear all the trials and tribulations and the different lessons learned from that 🙂