The Importance of Self-Awareness

How do you become more self-aware and why is getting perspective on yourself important? 

Here is a snippet of an interview I did on the importance of personality diagnostics and reviewing taking time to seek your true center.

Lauren: Do you ever have clients think that they have insight but they don’t have insight?

Robin: A lot of clients that I work with initially say, “I don’t need to do the diagnostics, I’m pretty self aware, I’m good at emotional intelligence.” I reckon anyone who says that they’re good at emotional intelligence, inherently, isn’t good. Some people say they have done this is and also accredited in this but it’s a matter of looking at it that you’ve been doing it for other people but you haven’t had someone do two different diagnostics and then really focusing intently on you, what it means and how that’s manifested in your life, and how these diagnostics actually substantiate or contribute into the situation you’re in, and therefore this diagnosis it also gives us a bit of the answer as well. Such as what do we need to focus on, what are your strengths that we need to go back to, to get you the outcome that you want, what are the weaknesses that have been exposed that we need to mitigate. The diagnostics are very much done from an action basis of what they tell us that we need to exert so that we know the right strategy for you to really consciously move you forward it’s not just something you do to make yourself feel warm and fuzzy in the tummy, everyone pretty much goes into that first phase of understanding, to realize there was things that they just didn’t see before they started working together or getting that external perspective is so hard for us to see that ourselves.

Lauren: Why is it so hard to see for ourselves?

We’ve got these eyes that are always looking out. So we’re always looking that way and we’re not kind of inherently looking in. And then we have a perception of ourselves like I’ve got a perception of what I look like for instance, and I can imagine what I look like and then I look in the mirror and then I might be a bit more disappointed with what I see. And so the reality is we’ve become a little bit diluted. We’ve become distracted by everything around us and we’re not actually looking in and so for me, who I am and what I’m about. I constantly come back to this on a regular basis, on what’s my true sense. It’s not that I don’t struggle with certain things, it’s about the speed of which you do the identification and self correcting. If you’ve got insights now that you need to get back on the wagon again. But how are you going to stay on the wagon? And you just say “Well, hopefully I will this time.” The truth is “hopefully” it’s not good enough, how can you ensure it? We need to lock it in. So it’s a non negotiable, that you’ve got permanent change actually happening in your life, you have to create the you from the insights that you get, what actions are taken, how can you ensure them to make sure that you do stay on course and you’re always going in the right direction.

Lauren: It’s such an interesting way of talking about change and this concept of permanent change versus temporary change. As humans, we do want to keep growing and change is such an important part of that so if people want to find out more about the Cycle of Change, how do they kind of learn about that? You’ve written a book so can you share a little bit about that as well?

Yeah, so I’ve got the book called The Executive Edge, which is really about stopping and evaluating your career in life to bring more meaning joy and purpose to it, and it goes through the Cycle of Change and it goes through the stages of my model and challenges you, with regards to what are the simple steps that you need to take to do that thinking on your own. And so if that’s all you need as a provocation to do that, then get the book, you can download it for free here:

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