How do you get a sense of validation?

How do you get a sense of validation or a sense of normalcy when you feel like you are in a situation that only you are going through it?

How do you find your sense of purpose when these thoughts are going through your head? 

The first step is to get support! If you cannot find solutions on your own, you could ask the help of people that you trust and if that’s not enough you may seek professional help or get external coaching support.

One benefit of coaching is the one-on-one coaching sessions that provide personality diagnostics as a way to gauge performance and development while creating necessary guidelines to move one forward. At InspireMe, we take coaching to the next level with our Group Coaching Sessions.

You need to be comfortable with who you are and what you are doing – a need for self-validation – that what you are going through is normal. If you feel like you’re going through something unique, chances are that some people are going through it as well or that others have gone through it in the past.

And these group sessions help clarify that. The benefit of group sessions is its diversity. Diversity in three key areas:

  1. People (age, career levels, situations in life)
  2. Opinions
  3. Solutions and resolutions 

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