Top tips on what do the most productive leaders do differently

Last week we did a Free webinar on the subject “What do the most PRODUCTIVE LEADERS do differently?”

In this hour, we addressed the different problems that lead to feelings of being unproductive and overwhelmed. Then we provided strategies to empower participants to make the most out of their hours, days and weeks and enable them to operate energetically and purposefully.

We enabled the audience to:

  • Know how to prioritize multiple high priority tasks
  • Be more organized
  • Be at your peak energy all the time
  • Determine your professional purpose

I conducted this webinar because it’s now the middle of 2021 (can you believe that??) and it’s about that time of the year when we’re neck-deep in overwhelm and it’s starting to get to us – we feel like we’re exerting more energy and working even harder and yet we don’t feel as productive.

And one of the reasons is what happens with our bodies and minds is that we develop unwanted habits that progress over time and become unnecessary routines that will negatively affect our productivity.

The good news is that these are all very breakable habits/routines and in my presentation I discuss how to do using key tools such as:

  1. The Priority Matrix
  2. G.O.L.F. (Even for non-sports enthusiasts)
  3. 5 P’s to avoid useless meetings
  4. Getting rid of time wasters (and energy vampires)
  5. Develop Winning Habits

Watch the video below:

If this is something for you and you feel like you are not achieving peak productivity or you’re just too overwhelmed in your professional and personal life, I would love to know what is going on for you.

I’m all about supporting others and seeing people succeed so do take this opportunity to book in a session with me and within that session, I’ll be able to understand your challenges and craft solutions that you could apply immediately to help improve your productivity! 😊