Mindset Mastery: Do this one tweak to be more productive!

I’m too busy!

I’m overwhelmed!

I’m burned out!

These are common statements heard even before the pandemic started and have gained much more prominence when our lives were altered by the Coronavirus. And though these statements are true as much as they are debilitating, they can also be very limiting. 

Being too busy, being overwhelmed, being burned out are all to common nowadays as we are pressured now more than ever. But thinking these things and feeling them puts us in a negative frame of mind.

Being too busy doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy what you are doing. You can be loaded with tasks but if this is in line with what you’re trying to achieve, or the key to your success and joy, then this is a good thing!

It’s about framing your mind from a negative perspective to a positive one. For me I say, “I have a lot of things to do but the great thing is I’m supporting people and when the day is done, I get to spend time in nature or with my family!”

When you get these negative thoughts of overwhelm, use the STOP technique.

(Stop, Take a breath, Observe what is happening, Proceed mindfully)

Have a break, a run, a coffee, a chat to get yourself into that positive mindset. Get into the right state of mind and conquer your moments, your days, weeks, months, your life!

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