CASE STUDY: How to achieve work-life balance?

How to achieve work-life balance?

“I feel like I have been given a tool kit that gives me the ability to better cope, to better process, and to better manage some of those challenges that inevitability come up in both personal and professional life.”

When I started working with Nick, he felt significant pressure in his workplace in terms of him moving up the career ladder, the added tasks, and the responsibilities that came with it. At home, he was struggling to switch off, which resulted in a lack of sleep and other problems in his personal life.

This is a common situation that a lot of us go through. So, what can we do to overcome these and achieve work-life balance?

We need to remember is that your professional and personal lives are interconnected. What’s beneficial to your work life is also beneficial to your family life.

Another thing to remember is that life is constant roller-coaster ride, but what’s important is to identify where you at in that cycle, what actions you can take, and the acceptance that some things are outside of control are some of the keys in order to move forward.

Watch our full conversation below to get insights on how we were able to work through the different challenges and achieve balance:


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