Increase Your Level of Presence and Impact

Why is it important to have a presence and impact in your life?

I see people get frustrated because they know the value that they can give to the organisation, but they aren’t getting the benefits because they don’t have the PRESENCE and IMPACT required to communicate it.

So what can we do to achieve this? And how do we increase our presence and impact?

We need to remember that people evaluate us based on these two factors: WARMTH and STRENGTH.

Warmth is how well can you connect with others, how open and welcoming you are, etc.

On the flip side of that is Strength – The confidence, articulation, the capability, etc.

By having the right balance of warmth and strength in every situation, you can achieve the results that you want and have the presence and impact you desire!

Remember it’s all about reading the conversation – do I need to exude more warmth, or do I need to exhibit more strength?

I will be doing a series of videos covering some of the most challenging subjects that I work with people on. If you have any subjects that you want me to talk about, send them through to my email and I’ll make sure I can do them for you.

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