Change your mindset, create new results

I just want to do a little “throwback” and post a video of an event I did in the not-so-distant past about a the InspireMe Intensive Weekend that revolved around the theme: “Change your Mindset, Create New Results”.

Back in 2019, I gathered a group composed of my clients and like-minded people to a nature weekend where the participants were able to create for themselves balance in their work and personal lives and get the mental clarity needed in order to live their purpose on a daily basis.

I guided them to get the right tools, tactics and skills to be able to create meaning in their lives using the fundamentals of neuroscience and how that could actively change thinking. Because if we change our thinking, we can change our understanding of things and then we can change the actions that we take and therefore create the new result we are actually searching for and desire.

Another step is bringing in the insights of what I’ve learned throughout my career and what I’ve gone through in life such as the Harvard Negotiation Project, being in the army and doing aid work in Africa, as well as, on a personal note, leaving the my corporate job so that I could create a home life to better support my family while living my true purpose.

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