How Do You Know When to Stop?

WARNING: It’s a bit of a funny story (Too Much Information)

How do you know when you’re pushing yourself too much? Fortunately for me it’s when I can look back and laugh at myself and see what I should not have done.

I’ve always been the type of person who is always on the go. Especially when it comes to coaching or supporting my family, friends, acquaintances and generally everyone who is happy have me help them out. Which is both my blessing and my downfall.

One time I went for surgery and trying to avoid going into further detail, it was an operation so that my wife and I would not have children anymore. But I felt fine afterwards and did not take any time to rest. Until I had to conduct a workshop and that’s when all the pain manifested!

Throughout the course of the day I was clearly in pain and it was a good thing I was doing the workshop for an organisation that specialises in these operations and they clearly knew what was going on. They gave me a couple of ice packs to put in between my legs as I finished off the session. In the end they said I could have rescheduled this.

I call this¬†Constructive-yet-Destructive-Behaviours.¬†What I am doing is beneficial but the way that I do them could potentially be a detriment to my health or worse to others. So it’s important to know when to stop. When to stop taking things too far. I’m lucky that this incident was something I could laugh about but it could have gone in a more drastic direction.

So take time to assess yourself and your situation. Don’t push yourself too far and commit the same mistake that I did!

Hopefully that was useful for you and one way that we could take things too far is when our mental health is affected. Do check out my previous post where I talk with a client of mine regarding that topic:

The Positive Effect of Self-Awareness on Mental Health


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