How to be an Impactful Person in 2022


Can you believe how fast this year is going? And can you believe how it’s going?

A lot of external factors affect us in different ways and these are things that we have no power over.

BUT one thing we can control is our IMPACT. How do we show up to others? This is something we can dictate so that we can positively affect our own situations whether at work or at home.

So here is the replay for my FREE Webinar: “How to Have Presence & Impact in 2022”

It is all about upgrading your status as leaders and affirming your roles within your organisations and your personal lives.

In this 1 hour webinar we will learned the tools to actively manage others’ perspective of themselves to exude an aura of confidence and authority.

Key points discussed:

  • The importance of presence and impact in organisations
  • To exude an aura of confidence and authority while being in tune with the success of others while having a balanced personal and professional life
  • The effective strategies on how to increase trust through visual, vocal, and verbal skills


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