How to take control of this turbulent year

Back in December I was telling my clients that I felt like 2022 was going to be turbulent.

How I wish they could be telling me now that my prediction was totally wrong.

But the good news is that January has ended and it seems like things are going back to becoming more manageable.

However. I think we can do more than that. How do you put yourself in the driver’s seat?

How do you put yourself in control?

We can’t let external factors limit us or decide what we are going to do. We have to accept that as a reality and work our way from there.

As I reflect on it, the same could be said even before we were in this predicament.

e.g. I’ll invest when the market is more favourable;
I’ll book this holiday once I have saved up more money;
I’ll think of my career once this quarter is over.

If we leave everything up to uncontrollable factors, we’re guaranteed to end up the same way we started, or maybe even worse. Let’s get ourselves out of survival mode and start fighting for ourselves!

It’s time to take control. It’s time to have a think about: What is it that I want to get out of this year?

And then really go for it! It’s about focusing on the right things – joy, desire, purpose. It’s time to step up and stand out for what we actually believe in and what we actually want to do right now and make this year even better than ever.

And if you need advice or encouragement on how to kickstart your year, just send me a message or a text and I’m happy to help out!

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