Different Perspective (of Yourself)

How important is that external perspective? Like actually getting someone from the outside to take a look at what’s going on?

If you think about any relationship that you’ve got in your life, and let’s just say that you you get rundown and sick, your partner normally says to you, “I told you months ago that you were burning the wick at both ends” – when you’re not in it, it’s so easy to see. 

There’s a common analogy of working IN the business and working ON the business. As you grow up, and we get older, we get more responsibilities so we’re so busy IN our lives, that we’re not stopping, and actually looking ON our lives to go, “well, wait a minute, am I actually living my true self? Am I actually really happy? What do I want to be doing? Am I living in accordance with my values? Do I really want to go to the next level here or not? what is success for me? What does success actually look like?” And these are fundamental things.

We need to work ON our lives rather than IN it. And, and obviously get an external perspective, it just helps us kind of get out of that. And that can be a friend, that could be a counselor, it could be could be a partner could be could be someone else.

And there is real value in having an independent person because, and you’re not tarnished by anything you’ve done or an historic things and everything else like that. So there is definitely value in it. But whatever you do, what’s key is to stop and have a look at things and really consciously look at your life, your work and what’s kind of going on. And are you happy with that? And if not, what do you need to do about it to get yourself back on track again.

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