The Mystery of Job Satisfaction

How does one attain job satisfaction? “I’ll just go find a new job and miserable in my job at the moment, I’ll go find a new one, and then everything will be okay.” Why do people think that’s the case?

If you look at it, something like 75, to 80% of people will kind of leave jobs because they hate their boss, but the thing is about 75% of people actually have line management responsibility. It’s a matter of that we are creatures of our environment. And what can happen over time is that the environment that we’re in, and the way in which we perform, like there’s a gap occurs between the two. So for instance, you’ve got your ideal kind of way, and the organization can be this way. And this gap kind of occurs, for whatever reason, and it’s just simple for the brain to kind of go well, it must be because of that, it must be because of them, not me.

So you’re looking on social media and hearing from friends and those types of things about how they’re loving things? “Well, it can’t be me, it must be this situation, if I move, then everything will be alright.” And there’s some truth to it, our environment very much does dictate, or have an influencing factor on our mindset.

But regardless of your environment, you’re still a contributing factor. And the key fact is that probably 80% of the clients who come to me and say, “Robin, I’ve got to get out of this toxic environment.” And then when we actually work on them, what actually happens is that they end up staying in the same job, or staying with the same organization, but changing their job within it. Because it’s not the environment that’s changed. It’s actually their mindset, and how they’re showing up and speaking their truth, understanding what their truth is, turning up and, and working in a way which is, which is more true for them. So it’s a bit of a falsehood that we go, I’m going to go over there, and everything’s going to change. Because if you’ve got lessons to learn, if you’ve got problems, they’re only going to follow you. And particularly if you’re in a situation where you say to yourself, I’m in this situation again, there’s only one common factor to every problem that you’ve ever had in your life. And that’s been that you’ve been there. So we need to focus on that contributing factor.

One of the things that could happen is a temporary fix. So in some ways, there’s some truth to it, you could change jobs and say this is a bit better. But can you end up job hopping and just changing all the time seeking happiness that way?

The thing is that and for us to have our buttons pushed, we need to have a button in the first place. So it’s a matter of that environment temporarily might not be pushing your buttons, but then over time, you know that the same old problems will come back and impact you. So it’s a matter of how come whatever environment we’re in, whatever situation we’re in, what are the absolute learnings for me to take on?

But it’s always about understanding and realizing that we need to do the work on our selves, and look at what those buttons and what is in my control, because there’s a lot of things that actually are for instance, people and look at job offers, and the guy is amazing. In this role, I’m allowed to do X, Y, and Zed. And then I say to them, have you actually said to your current employer, I would like to do X, Y, and Z in your current role. If not, well, why haven’t you? And their answer is: “I don’t think they would let me.” Have you asked? No.

In fact, a lot of you know, people in the work environment, if we actually go to our employees and say, “Hey, look, I’ve really got some clarity about who I am and what I stand for. And where I’m actually going to add the most benefit to this organization, I think if I can be given more exposure to doing these tasks, I can give more back to this organization. Most employers will actually, you know, look at that, and actually have a conversation with you about it.

And so that’s where we think the grass is greener on the other side, but it’s not necessarily and it can actually be better for what we’ve got right in front us.

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