How to set goals (the RIGHT way)

How to set the right goals. How important is it for people, as they’re going through this diagnostic process, to think about what they ideally want things to look like? Because there’s different advice out there about – dream big, and then dream bigger? Or be realistic. So what’s your thoughts on that and how we should be setting goals to move forward in each of these areas of our life?

Generally speaking, we set too high expectations in the short term and then we underestimate in the long term. So for instance, adventure – adventure is important to me. If you know Sir Edmund Hillary, who climbed Mount Everest, adventure is important to him. But his level of success in adventure is different to mine. My benchmark or KPI for adventure is going camping once a month with the kids or going on a walk on my ow. That’s as far as I want to go. Or with health – my wife has a different expectation of my fitness. But for me as long as I’m fit and I can participate in activities and generally looking at my health and fitness and it’s not detrimental, that there needs to balance with kind of other areas.

So it’s about us defining how important that area consciously how important that area is to us. And not just looking at some false expectation of someone else going, “Well, surely, I must be that surely I must be that.” Well, you can be but is that actually important to you? And if you want it, then you will achieve it because that will drive the necessity in you to achieve it.

It is important to say who you are versus what you’re not as well, and actually just declaring that. Because we only get one job in life, which is to live our life, the way in which we want, and it’s amazing for me how many people spend their time satisfying the expectations of what other people think and how they should live their life.

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