How to Stop External Factors from Affecting your Performance

COVID. Floods. Ukraine Crisis.

These coupled with professional, family, personal and financial pressures, is definitely an unhealthy recipe for a major or minor breakdown.

Breakdowns could set us off track and set us back. No matter how far along you think you’re going, if you brush off external factors, it’s going to surface eventually. Like a pressure cooker waiting to blow up.

So how do you not let external factors affect you?


The three-step way to do this effectively is:

  1. Go closer to the factor that’s impacting you
  2. Accept that it is impacting you at some level
  3. Acknowledge how you truly feel about it (regardless of your judgment about it)

What this does is that it lets you realise how big or how small this really affects you. By doing so, you are able to reflect on what triggers you and plan accordingly.

Setbacks are avoidable. You can have a clear path to success and joy by acknowledging these factors or even by expressing it to others.

And maybe you may just need to go easy on yourself and you will find that you are able to move through it more smoothly.

Take a breath. Reflect. You got this!

Now that you have that part figured out, it’s time to Enhance Your Impact this 2022! Here are some strategies to help you get the cut through you seek:

How to be an Impactful Person in 2022


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